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Unit Interior OOD - direct importer of granite, porcelain, laminate flooring and sanitary ware from Europe and China.

High quality porcelain of all price groups, exact dimensions, durability, combined with

attractive prices and free design is our company policy.


Wholesale and retail:
- Polished porcelain tiles for public space, office, living room, hall, kitchen.
- Matt porcelain tiles for living room, hall, kitchen, bathroom floors.
- Porcelain tiles for exterior - rustic type, frost-resistant, suitable for external use, terrace, garden.
- Classic - white, black and special design of tiles - metal, travertine,  wenge, imitating wood , salt pepper  type.
- Laminate 8.3 mm HDF - 12 modern colors with double click system suitable for large spaces.
Competitive price. Large quantities in stock. Special prices for investors and construction companies.

Modern production facilities for making stairs, curved stairs, window sills, sinks, bathrooms, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, custom design solutions for bathrooms, facade cladding.

  • Factory for specialized mass production of steps, fence tops, window sills.
  • The latest generation equipment for WATERJET cutting with high pressure water and abrasive sand necessary for cutting of curved forms allows creation of a unique design from granite and porcelain for bathrooms, floors and walls. The quality of cutting is extremely high.
  • 3D engraving machine for processing of stone and porcelain.
  • Laser engraving machine for creating unique drawings and paintings on porcelain and granite.

Free design project for your room. Unlike wall tiles, porcelain is much harder and allows several millimeters thick elements to be cut. It gives unlimited possibilities for design. Full body porcelain is uniform throughout its thickness allows rounding, polishing and manufacturing products for both interior as countertops and sinks, and the exterior products such as window sills and fence tops and terraces which are more durable than natural materials and cheaper. There is a plenty of granite and porcelain medallions and floor design that you can find in our catalog or special design can be developed especially for you.

Network of shops in Sofia, Varna, Sunny Beach, Montana. Direct deliveries in Plovdiv, Bourgas, Rousse, Stara Zagora.